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Software For Medical Shops

A medical shop is one place that everybody runs to, whether it is for OTC (over the counter pills and medication) or medicines from physician prescriptions. Pharmacies are one of the essential needs of every locality and must be run smoothly and efficiently so that customers who come to medical shops are not left in want. A technical improvement that companies in India, especially companies in the pharmaceutical sector are now utilising as part of their business strategy is the POS or the point-of-sale billing system. The POS software for medical shops helps businesses in many ways. POS provides the most recent sales reports for medicines on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis. POS also delivers a well-organised method of handling a medical inventory. This unique software for medical shops known as POS permits for better customer service.

No longer is commerce and businesses the way it used to be, and business strategies of Indian corporates are moving across boundaries to online platforms. When it comes to POS software systems for medical shops and pharmacies, several questions have to be. There are retail POS software offered by companies such as Wondersoft for the pharmaceutical industry, and other issues include, "what" the company aims for, "who" will have to be part of the business strategy, and offers the correct remuneration to those who are a part of their goals and targets, what the selected audience or target market segment needs from the business, and how it can be more responsible both to customers as well as to the environment.

Medical Shop Software That Is Highly Useful For Medical Shops

There are many ways your pharmacy software and medicine inventory management system can help you run a more competent pharmacy. Therefore it wouldn't be wrong to say that retail chain software is very relevant in today's world.  Wondersoft Company deals with vendor software for medical shops. As far as reliable inventory management, many pharmacists look for good medical shop software to help them with their day to day management whether it is about managing costs, as well as what goes into customer satisfaction. Hence, management can implement different inventory management practices which include keeping a stock of the medicines and organising them on a regular basis, methodical physical counts of medical inventory, barcodes on the medicines and medical products that is scannable.

The one thing about the pharmaceutical industry is that the costs of stocking essential medicines, as well as other overhead costs (like stocking important medications or keeping certain essential medicines at a certain temperature), are high. This is especially true for retailers in the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmacies in this segment have to make sure that their products make a mark, and they have to create a good impression for their medicines to get sold, so they make sure that get an excellent pharmaceutical POS software with medicines that can cater to several medical needs, and especially for medical emergencies. Having a good inventory management software for medical shops will give an idea of what you have, and what you will need.

Importance POS System in Fashion Store

Retail management software or Point of Sale software plays an important part especially when customers pay after purchase. The sales of the business are recorded and remain beneficial for future reference. It could be a combined computer system or electric cash register that records the information comprising of business transaction for sale of services or goods. It is the software and hardware that helps in recording the retail store’s financial transactions. It is a useful tool for store owners. They can easily access and manage their business.

The POS system is easy to operate. It is almost like using a free software. It can run on any online based systems or PC. The main aim of the POS system is to help you in various ways for running a profitable business. If you are thinking to install fashion retail software in your business, here are some of the key features to look while installing.

Sales data:

The POS system should provide robust reporting regarding your sales reports. The reporting should be on hourly, real-time and daily basis. Moreover, the software should let you compare days and year after year sales parts. This way, you can forecast the sales trends. When you know the peak business season, you can make purchases and remain prepared accordingly. The POS system tracks day to day sales reports and reports you on time.

Inventory management:

Cash is king in retail business. The inventory is the main channel for your cash. It is important to manage the inventory properly to run the business in a successful manner. If you are purchasing goods that not required or already present in your store, it is total waste of time, effort and money. The POS system will keenly track the goods present and that have been sold. It will alert when certain important stocks are about to end. It will also track about the good that is not moving and remaining dead for long time. The POS system should track shrinkage and markdowns also.

Customer service and relationship

It is important to know about your customers for future business and sales. It is hard to save customer’s data manually. But, with POS system, you can remain free as the system would record all the customer’s information. It records name, email id and mobile number of each customer when making sales. If you wish to do any marketing tasks like SMS or email marketing, you can reach your potential customers by mail or SMS and share your marketing messages.

Employee management

POS plays an important role in employee management especially if you are fashion store business in multiple locations. You can easily track employee sales performance and working hours. You need to view the sales metrics to get a clear idea about each employee. If you have five employees and wish to know which employee is making money for your business, you need to check with the POS system. It has complete records about the sales performance as well as employee performance.

How to select the right store management software?

Store management software is the mixture of technology which allows the retailer to boost the customer experience and function day-to-day retail management processes like hardware, software, applications, databases, telecommunications and the POS or point of sale software.

If you are running a pharmacy business, you need to consider purchasing and integrated the right POS or pharmacy software. It is designed especially for the needs of clients. In pharmacy software, the entire inventory is recorded and you can easily track whether it is available in your store or not.

Pharmacy is a complicated business. It is well known that even a small pharmacy holds large responsibility. It is hard to function large pharmacies or group of chain branches without the usage of effective pharmacy management systems.

What is meant by pharmacy system?

It is like a computer system offered referred to pharmacy system. It is not a single piece software. It is a unified group of components that is possible to add and remove from the system. The components can be plugged and play. It is almost similar to the POS system that you see in hardware store or grocery store.

Ethical and legal responsibilities

There are certain responsibilities in the POS system in pharmacy. You cannot find that features in hardware or grocery store. For example, it asks for a physician’s prescription before printing the bill. It will verify the medicines that have been prescribed by the physician. If the salesperson gives the wrong medicine, it can result in death or loss of life. It is designed to reduce human error in a great way.

It is best to integrate prescription dispensing system along with the pharmacy management systems. It is computerized and robotic. It makes sure whether the prescription medicines are supplied correctly as the doctor has mentioned.


The pharmacy software records the entire list of medicines you have purchased for your business. If you do not have a particular medicine, it alerts you for restock. Moreover, it helps in managing the inventory by tracking the expiry dates of the medicine. It is illegal to sell expired date medicines. It can result in major issues. If you do not have a pharmacy software, it is hard to find out the entire list of medicines that are expiring. With pharmacy software, you can easily track the expiry date of medicines and easily send to your distributor.

Inventory management is essential for running a pharmacy. It will also alert about the medicines that have not been sold for long time or just remaining idle. You can track and get the medicine list to either return or store in your shop.


The best part of pharmacy management software is you can track sales online. No matter, if you are away from your pharmacy store. You can easily track the sales from your mobile phone or laptop. You can get live reports about your sales. This feature is highly helpful especially when you are running pharmacy business in various areas. You can easily find out the sales in each area by swiping your mobile phone.